Event Pro App

Electronic Coach's Packet | For Coaches and Evaluators

The Event Pro app provides coaches and evaluators an electronic version of the coach's packet, complete with searchable player, team, and game layouts. The information is stored locally on an iOS device with capabilities to update data when an internet connection is available. The Event Pro app provides coaches with the next generation of organizational tools to ensure the maximum efficiency of your time while attending an event.

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Event Pro Admin

Complete Database System | For Event Organizers
  • The Event Pro Admin system is a time saving tool providing increased efficiency in creating the coach’s packets, as well as a highly optimized system for organizing event data (Players, Teams, Games). For certified events, the data from the NCAA website is processed by the Event Pro Admin system, eliminating manually cutting and pasting rosters into a document. Each event will have a separate, independent desktop system with a fully searchable database of all the players, coaches, and teams in your event that can be easily exported for future use by your staff.

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Event Pro Powered By

Recruiting Pro Software
  • Established in 1994, Recruiting Pro Software is a leader in developing innovative solutions. We provide comprehensive data management for all aspects of the collegiate recruiting process. Our systems are based upon three core values that give our clients a distinct, competitive advantage in their recruiting battles. Our systems are easy to use, with coach-friendly design, fast and powerful, and continually evolving as we focus on product development, allowing for maximum flexibility.

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